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  • I think discussion about "what is faster, compressed or not compressed" in hardware.chips news group was going on long enough to go on and actually find out what is true.Now I did it! Here are the results of WinBench testing of compressed and

  • not-compressed partitions of same HD.

    First some comments -
    System: k6/300, MVP3, 64MB memory, HD Samsung WU332052 3.24GB
    It is not top-system but can be seen as average modern system 
    this days (most people have such like) so is very sutable
    for this test.

    Left (C) is not compressed FAT32, Right (D) is doublespaced normal compression 

    Result - compressed drive is 1.5-2 times faster in average! So the 
    original poster was right, compression does make reading and writing
    faster. Take a look on results. The _only_ place where 
    not-compressed wins (as expected) is CPU utilization. 

                                                                                                          Not-compressed      Compressed 2 times

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